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Labgrafix ROES Professional Client - Just Size, Crop & Send!
The ROES professional client contains our complete catalog of sizes & specialty prints.
· 2 - 3 day turnaround service
· Drag & Drop image manipulation
· Designer & Contemporary School Units
· Custom Template Creation
· Robust Template Selection
· Press Printed Proof Books
· Panoramic Album Designs
· Calendars & Photo Greeting Cards
· School Package Creator
· Photoart Templates
· Press Printed All Occasion Note Cards
· PC & Mac Compatible

 Click Here To Launch ROES Click Here To Download Java

Please Note: JAVA is required to use the Labgrafix ROES Ordering System.  Click the Java logo to see if you have the latest version.

Urgent Issue for Mac Users
On June 16, 2009 Apple deployed an update to OS X 10.5.7 for Java via Software Updates. This update has performed some restructuring of the folder path to Java Web Start, and fails to retain the file in its' expected path of Applications - Utilities. Attempting to launch a ROES shortcut results in the icon bouncing on the dock and nothing else occurring.

To resolve these startup errors, using Finder go into the local hard drive and System - Library - CoreServices. Locate Java Web Start.app and copy it to the clipboard, then paste it into the Utilities folder under Applications. Using a web browser, go to the lab's web site and launch ROES. During the startup process, 2 warning windows will display - one to trust the application and another to allow it unrestricted access to the system. Click OK to both of these and ROES should open as normal.

To get a new shortcut, open Java Preferences.app from the same Utilties folder and click the Network tab, then click View cache at the lower right to bring up the Java Cache Viewer. Use the menu or icon to create a desktop application or shortcut as desired.
ROES User Guide & Information
Please use the links below for navigation
System Requirements
A minimum 500MHz speed processor with 256MB RAM and the latest Java Runtime loaded from Sun.  Any Java capable system can be used, so Apple OS X 10.3 or higher, Linux, and all current versions of Windows will support the application.  Be sure to maintain enough free drive space to build, save, and retain order files.

Getting Started
Getting to Know The Interface
Your Customer Information
Setting Personal Preferences

Working in ROES
Displaying Images
Creating an Order
Reviewing an Order
Sending an Order

Working With Images
Cropping & Rotating
Using Pro Tools
The Options Palette
My Packages

Modifying & Creating Your Own Templates
Starting With Pager
Selecting Pager Editable Products
Pager Design & Selection Tools
Montage Creation
Applying Custom Attributes
Saving Templates

Troubleshooting & Technical Information
Frequently Asked Questions
Tutorial Videos
Contact Technical Support

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