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PresenterLabgrafix - ROES Order Processing System
Using My Packages
Starting With Pager

ROES is a powerful tool built to help professional photographers order lab services with ease.  Part of this system is the Packager, which was originally designed to allow unit based sales photographers to easily order multiple products at one time.  Click the Sizes button at the bottom of the Editing Area and click Show My Packages... or press Ctrl+4.


· Click the Add Group button then name your new group and press Enter on your keyboard.

· Now click the Add Package button then name your new package and press Enter on your keyboard.


· At this point you are now ready to start dragging products into your newly created package.  Simply select any single-node product from our catalog and drag it into the folder icon of your newly created package.

To use your newly created package, simply click the package folder icon and then it will show up in the Layout Area for you to begin dropping your images into.

The blue lines are crop adjustment markers which will show you the crop for the different sizes chosen in your package.  Click any of the products in your package to make that item the binding layout for the package.  This constrains drags and has all the other product layouts plotted relative to the selected product.

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