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Cropping & RotatingLabgrafix - ROES Order Processing System
Using Pro Tools
The Options Palette

More tools are available within the ROES interface allowing for order creating ease.
These tools are located in the Editing Area just below the Layout Area and the Rotate & Zoom Tools.

These tools can be toggled on and off in your Personal Preferences.

Hold Crop
This will hold the crop when a new image or product is selected.  This will only stay exact if the images have the same aspect ratio.  If not then the best approximation is chosen.

Hold Options
This will hold the options on a product after pressing Add To Order, leaving the same options selected the next time you drag an image into the Layout Area.

Hold Quantity
This will hold the quantity desired of a product after pressing Add To Order.

Hold Images
Keeps the selected images in the Layout Area when switching between products.

Lock Image
This will lock an image into a node and will ignore drags and drops.  This tool is only available on products with more than one image node.

Crop or Fit
This will scale an image in the Layout Area to fit a product, producing a border around the image but allowing you to fit a 4x6 image into a 4x5 product.

Auto Rotate
This will attempt to match the aspect ratio on an image when a vertical image is dropped into a horizontal node or vice versa.

Displays a reticle in every available image node of a product.

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