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Creating an OrderLabgrafix - ROES Order Processing System
Reviewing an Order
Sending an Order

The Order Review area allows you to edit or delete items, change quantities and more.  This is also where you will come to actually send us your digital files.  To access the Review Order screen, click the Review Order button which is no longer greyed out of your Control Panel.

Each item is displayed with the following information:

The image thumbnail displaying all selected options.  Double-Click to edit in the Layout Area

Size and Images
The product size and all associated images.

Applied Options
Any options that were applied using the Options Palette.

A field for changing the desired product quantity.

The base price of the item.

The total cost of the item, including all options and quantity.

You can also change the placement of the items in an order by dragging the thumbnail below or above any other item desired.  There are also two icons used to edit and delete any selected item.

The Order Review Control Panel

This button is used to render the order items for use with Presenter

Clear Order
This button deletes all items from this order.

Exits the Order Review Screen.

Allows you to add instructions to this particular order.

Show Order
Generates a web page based receipt.

Complete Order
Prompts you for payment information and packages the order for internet sending.

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