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Reviewing an OrderLabgrafix - ROES Order Processing System
Sending an Order
Cropping & Rotating

Once you have finished and are ready to complete your order, click the Complete Order button from the Order Review Control Panel.  The Order Completion Wizard will guide you through the necessary steps to upload your order to us.  You MUST have an active internet connection to send orders through the PPPS.

If you have not entered your Customer Information your will be required to do so now.

Select how you would like to send your order to us from the options provided and click Next.

Send now via the Internet
This option will upload the order directly to us for processing.

Save for sending later via the internet
This option will send the order to the Queue Manager for upload at a leter time.

Save to disk for alternate delivery
This will package the order to a CD for shipping directly to our lab for processing.

Enter your payment information in the fields provided and click Next.  The PPPS encrypts files for transfer so your privacy is protected.

Your order will then be sent to the Queue Manager and delivered to us by the chosen route.

Queue Manager

ROES processes all orders through the Queue Manager.  Orders can be sent right away or saved to be sent at a later time.  The Queue Manager will also automatically retry sending orders even if there is a disconnect.  You can see transfer rate, total order size and a progress bar so you know exactly how long the transfer will take.

To schedule an order to be transferred later, click the Settings button within the Queue Manager.

To access the Queue Manager without going through the Order Completion Wizard, click Open & Save in the Control Panel and select Show Queued Orders.

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