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Setting Personal PreferencesLabgrafix - ROES Order Processing System
Displaying Your Images
Creating an Order

Image thumbnails are displayed in the Image Area once a folder has been opened.  You can easily drag & drop your thumbnails from the Image Area to any product selected in the Layout Area.

Opening a folder of images

· Click the Folder button at the bottom of the Image Area.

· Click a folder of images on your hard drive, then click open or double-click that folder.

· Open that folder and click an image, then click open or double-click any image.

· The images will load into the Image Area.

Resizing Thumbnails

You can adjust the size of the thumbnails to any size you would like.  This allows you to either see more thumbnails or see the thumbnails closer up.

· Click the Zoom button at the bottom of the Image Area.

· Slide the slider to the left to make the thumbnails smaller or to the right to make them bigger.

Organizing Thumbnails

You can rearrange the thumbnails any way you would like by simply dragging the thumbnail to another spot in the Image Area.

Selecting Thumbnails

Selecting One Thumbnail
Simply position your mouse over the image and click it.

Selecting Multiple Thumbnails
Hold down the Ctrl or Apple key and click each thumbnail you would like to select.

Selecting A Range Of Thumbnails
Click the first image you would like then hold down the Shift key while you click on the last image in the set.

Selecting All Thumbnails
Hold down the Ctrl key and then press the letter A.

Thumbnails Context Menu

The Thumbnail Context Menu can be accessed by right-clicking or control-clicking any thumbnail in the Image Area.

Show Selected Only
Will remove all thumbnails from the Image Area that are not selected.

Show All
Will show all thumbnails from the specified folder.

Hide Selected
Will remove the selected thumbnails from the Image Area.

Select All
Will select all thumbnails in the Image Area.

Select Others
Will invert your selected thumbnails in the Image Area.

Select None
Will unselect all thumbnails in the Image Area.

This is a powerful tool that will rename the actual files in the current folder, which can be handy sorting out events shot with multiple cameras.  There are options available for renaming shown in the image below.

Refreshes the current folder view.

Rotate Thumbnail
This will rotate the selected thumbnails viewed in the Image Area.  This does not rotate the actual file.

Open with Image Application
This will open the selected image in the Image Application you set in your Personal Preferences.

Open Containing Folder
This will open an explorer window of the current folder.

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